Of course, you can't miss your urbanlike street shopping/dining areas. L.A. has plenty of em:

Santa Monica Main Street

Old Town Pasadena (Main streets are Colorado blvd and South Lake ave, 20 blocks containing 360 stores, 80 restaurants, lively nightlife, host to the tournament of roses parade in New years day)


Read more about Old town pasadena at seeingstars.com


Long Beach Pine Avenue - photos by AOL Travel - digital city

Long Beach Belmont Shore / 2nd street

Whittier blvd - photo from Sleepylagoon.com

Fairfax Village

Larchmont Blvd

San Fernando Mall

Rodeo Drive

Santa Monica third street promenade *see L.A. attractions for more pics/info

Westwood Village

Anyway, many of the big streets in L.A. are lined with dense urban streetside retail:

And streetside Plazas / Streetside retail centers like these are scattered throughout L.A.:

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