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Expedia.com - Los Angeles - visitors information on L.A.

Getting Oriented with L.A. hotspots crucial to student life - great info on L.A. for hip and young people.

Los Angeles Almanac - lots of neat statistical and other facts of L.A.

Streets of Los Angeles - A neat individual website on L.A. street scenes

Los Angeles, from Palos Verdes to the Hollywood Hills - lots of neat amateur pics around L.A.

Downtown Los Angeles walking tour by USC - extensive walking guide to buildings and cool places around Los Angeles downtown

California beaches - extensive guide to over 100 CA beaches, most of em in Southern california

Public art in Los Angeles - GIGANTIC guide to Public art in Los Angeles. Info and photos on thousands of works of public art in the L.A. area.

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Los Angeles communities:

Virtual Pico Union - neat info and pics of the Pico Union district in Central L.A.

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Discover Wilshire Center - lotsa info on the Wilshire Center area of Los Angeles


UCLA Urban Simulation team huge 3D project to model all of Los Angeles!