L.A. in Business

Think that L.A. is significant only in the movie/tv industry? THINK AGAIN!!!

L.A. in Entertainment

L.A. is undisputedly the Entertainment capitol of the world. ALL of the major motion picture studio companies are headquartered within 6 miles of Hollywood, CA. (mainly Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures and columbia tristar, MGM-UA, and Dreamworks). A lot of the shows you see in Television are produced in L.A., including most sitcoms. TV corporations headquartered in L.A. include the ABC network, ESPN, Saban, the FOX network, WB network. All other entertainment companies not HQed in L.A. still have major studios in L.A. area. A darker countereffect is that L.A. is also porn capitol of the world (actually the San Fernando valley, LOL). Anyway, About 2/3 of Television commercials are produced in Los Angeles. In most of the music industry, only 3 cities really matter: NYC, L.A., and Detroit (MoTown). Many of the Major Record labels (Universal Music group, Interscope records, MCA records, North American HQ of EMI, Virgin Records America, Warner Bros Music group, Capitol Records, etc...) are also headquartered in L.A.

L.A. in Aerospace

L.A. has by far the most aerospace workers in the country, at more than 100,000 workers (beating Seattle by 10,000). The North L.A. area (which includes Palmdale and Lancaster) claim to be aerospace capitol of the U.S. with Edwards Airforce base being the home of the B1 & B2 bombers, as well as the Space Shuttle and the exclusive area for many aerospace world records. Lockheed martin (largest aerospace defense contractor in the U.S.) used to be headquartered in L.A. before they moved in the 90s to Bethesda, Maryland and then Denver, CO. Mcdonnell Douglass was headquartered in L.A. (made a lot of military and commercial airplanes) before they were bought by Boeing in 1998. Litton Industries and Northrup Grumman remain as major aerospace companies in L.A. A lot of military technology has been developed in L.A., including fast computer 3D graphics hardware since the early 1980s (later used by Sega for their arcade games) way before they were available on personal computers and videogame systems.

L.A. in the electronic game industry

A lot of the coolest videogame developers and publishers in the U.S. are headquartered in the L.A. area. Companies such as Activision (big name publisher, also publishes Quake 3), Interplay (big name publisher), Naughty Dog (maker of the cartooney but cool Crash Bandicoot series), Insomniac games (maker of the Spyro series, a very colorful and mystical game on Playstation), Westwood games (maker of Command & conquer series), Blizzard games (maker of the Warcraft and starcraft series), Shiny Entertainment (maker of the insanely unique Earthworm Jim, MDK series, and Messiah games). Squaresoft U.S. division is headquartered in L.A. (Squaresoft in Japan known for making some of the best videogames in existence!). More companies headquartered in L.A. include Neversoft, maker of the Tony Hawk Pro skater series, Bleem, maker of the Playstation emulator for PC, . The famous E3 exposition mainly popular for all the new videogame debuts has its exposition in the L.A. convention center. All of this is simply a result of L.A. being the creative capitol of the U.S. as well as the entertainment capitol of the U.S.

L.A. in manufacturing

L.A. is known as having the largest employment in the manufacturing industry in the U.S. at 173,000 people. L.A. is the 2nd largest manufacturing center in the U.S. approaching Chicago for #1.

L.A. in Fashion

L.A. has a HUGE scene for the fashion industry. Clothing store chains like Guess?, Pacific Sunwear, Wet Seal, Bugle Boy, Millers Outpost, Speedo, Mr. Rags, are from the L.A. area. Apparel manufacturers besides those stores include Karen Kane, Poleci, XOXO, Rampage, BCBG, and Lucky Brand Dungarees. More than 4,000 Apparel manufacturers are headquartered in the L.A. area.

L.A. in food production

Dole and Sunkist are both Headquartered in the L.A. area. L.A. area also has Conagra grocery products co. ( Hunts, Wesson, Swiss Miss, Knotts berry farm, Van Camps, Orville Redenbacher, Chef Boyardee, etc...), Conagra Foods (Casa de oro, Fernando's foods).

L.A. In trade

L.A. is known for having the top 2 busiest ports in the nation (Los Angeles harbor and long beach harbor). Los Angeles international airport (LAX) ranks third in the world in air cargo. More than $230 billion dollars in imports & exports come through L.A. a year.

L.A. in tourism

L.A. county had about 23.8 million overnight visitors in 1999 (75% leisure), directly spending about $12.3 billion dollars. Total economic impact is more than $28.2 billion dollars. Tourism employs 272,000 people in L.A. county. Orange County will have a projected 38.6 million overnight visitors in 2001. L.A. area is home to four of the nations top theme parks (and four of the top 25 theme parks in the world). L.A.'s only rivalry in theme parks in the U.S. is Orlando, FL.

L.A. in restaurant franchises/chains

A lot of food chains have been born and are still headquartered in the L.A. area. The famous Des Plaines, IL based Mcdonalds food franchise company was actually started in northeast L.A. area (San bernardino) before Ray A. Krog bought the Mcdonalds restaurant company from the Mcdonalds brothers for $3 million, moved it to Des Plaines and started the franchise. Other big chains that started in L.A. are Taco Bell, famous americanized mexican food franchise, born and still headquartered in south L.A. area (Irvine) . Denny's started and was headquartered for many years in the L.A. area before being bought in the late 80s and its headquarters moved to the East Coast. Wienerschnitzel famous hot dog fast food franchise is headquarted in South L.A. (newport beach). CKE restaurants holding company and Carls Jr. are headquartered in south L.A. area (Santa Ana), CKE owns Carls Jr., Taco Bueno, and Hardees. Sizzler is headquartered in West L.A. (Culver city). Johnny Rockets 50s style hamburger joints got its start in the late 80s in Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood (and is still HQed around there). Chinese food mall chain Panda Express is headquartered in L.A. As for West coast franchises/food chains, L.A. has the famous In N Out burger (always full of people!), roasted Mexican fast food chain "El Pollo Loco" (the crazy chicken), the mexican restaurant chain El Torito, and the Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya.

L.A. in Engineering

6 of the top 20 engineering firms are located in the Los Angeles area.

L.A. in Real Estate

CB Richard Ellis is one of the largest Commercial Real Estate companies in the United States. Fluor is the 2nd largest construction company in the U.S. Kaufmann & Broad is one of the largest real estate development companies in the U.S. There exists some 250 million square feet of office space in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

L.A in Oil / Energy

Los Angeles has a history with oil. L.A. is one of the nations top oil refining centers. Chevron, one of the largest oil companies in the U.S. now based in San Francisco, started in Los Angeles. L.A. based ARCO was one of the biggest oil companies in the U.S. before its merger with BP Amoco in 2000. Occidental Petroleum and Unocal remain as the two big L.A. oil companies. LA DWP is the largest municipal utility company in the nation, exclusively serving the city of L.A. Southern California Gas Company is the largest gas distribution utility in the nation at 18 million customers.

Other facts

-L.A. county has the highest number of Latino owned firms in the nation at 208,000 in 1998, compared to 109,000 in 1992. L.A. city has about 78,600 Latino owned firms (for 1998).

-L.A. metro has the highest number of women owned firms for a metropolitan area in the nation (and county). L.A. county in 1992 had about 232,723 firms owned by women.

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