In L.A., they don't just talk about their art, they show it!

L.A. is the mural capitol of the world with more than 1,500 murals and with famous muralists such as Kent Twitchell, Terry Schoonhoven, Judith Baca, Frank Romero, Alonzo Davis, East Los Streetscapers and many others.


photo credits: sparcmurals.org, muralist Kent Twitchell

And L.A., The Entertainment, as well as the Advertisement capitol of the U.S., has huge mural billboards to boast it:

credits: Jair Reeves, David Liu, liveland.com, corbis.com, streetsoflosangeles.com

Of course, L.A. also has a lot of non public art, since it has over 841 museums & art galleries.

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