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Some interesting facts of Los Angeles

-L.A. is known for having the best collection of Vintage neon signs in the world. Read more on this at

-L.A. has the only neon art museum in the world. Check out

-Los Angeles County, from Malibu to Long Beach, has 72 miles of coastline.

-Motion picture & television industry ranks as only the 5th biggest industry in L.A.

-The Los Angeles Philharmonic is known for being one of the finest and most renowned orchestras in the world.

-Los Angeles has more than 1,100 theatrical productions and 21 opening every week, beating Broadway NY.

-L.A. virtually ties Mexico City for Mural capitol of the world. The longest mural in the world, at 2,435 ft long (almost half a mile)/13 ft high is located in Van Nuys community of L.A. The largest mural in the world is located in the Long Beach Arena, stretching 116,000 square feet.

-There are more than 180 works of 3 Dimensional public art in downtown Los Angeles, many reaching monumental heights.

-Los Angeles has the highest number of museums per capita in the world.

-The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary art has one of the most comprehensive collections of art produced after 1940 in the world. Learn more about other cultural/impressive L.A. museum facts here

-Los Angeles has more than 841 museums/art galleries.

-Los Angeles is the largest major manufacturing center in the U.S.