First, please don't be offended if I have used your photos without permission. When I made this website, I figured that the only way to make this website the way I figured would be just to Los Angeles was to bring the best of the best photos of the Los Angeles area on the internet. It would take an ETERNITY for me to take photos of all the places that are covered on this website, and they wouldnt be near as good quality. I made this website because I wanted to TRULY show how Los Angeles is to people, because L.A. is simply huge and people should be AMAZED at how great Los Angeles is when you see all of the neat things the area has, rather than just see the city for its bad rap and its tourist traps. The only way to do this was to find the best of the best photos of L.A. on the internet of many of the places and things that L.A. has, about 800 photos of L.A. in total. It would take an ETERNITY for me to get permission for all of these photos (probably years!). However, in compensation, I have given due credit on each of the websites to the photos, and even links to the websites. If you don't want me to use your photos, simply email me and Ill take them off, or we can work something out that will actually be to the benefit of you. However, know that this is a nonprofit website, and If you support any negative action to this website, you will know that you are trying to damage the Greatest website on the Internet made on the area of Los Angeles. If you can name and prove a better website that explains los angeles better than this website can, Ill gladly take down my website. But as long as noone else has made a website that TRULY shows how awesome a city that L.A. is, I will try to keep my website on.